We offer

FSMA PCQI Training


LLRP provides complete training  for Preventive Controls Human Food Rule 21 CFR 117 with a complete list of  checklist available for all preventive controls and supporting checklist.

Food Safety


Internal Audits, Food Safety Plan  Development, GMP Audits, BRC Food, BRC Gluten Free, SQF, IFS, PrimusGFS, and Global G.A.P. program development.

Client Support


LLRP is there from the drafting of the documents, through the training, audits, and CAPA resolution to meet your needs.

Photo Gallery


Search our extensive collection of  photos for use in building training 

Customized Training


LLRP and our partner Kelly Girl Photography  combine to photograph your equipment to build site specific training for your facility in food safety, and operations management.



Contact us tor information updates and links to new guidance on FSMA.

About Us


Our Experience


LLRP is a full-service provider in the food, beverage, and manufacturing industries. Our food and beverage experience incorporates food safety, quality, regulatory compliance, and GFSI program development, training and auditing.  We can provide in house PCQI training, program development and execution of Foreign Supplier Verification Program, and Food Safety Plans.  Our manufacturing team can assist or develop supply chain lean manufacturing programs for your plant or company by implementing Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO 9000 elements to optimize your business.


Our Approach

With a diverse cross functional set of industry proven skills at our disposal, LLRP partners with clients to understand their specific opportunities to develop a program that uses ongoing analytical tools to optimize production in all areas of the process.  Our training is grassroots so that employees at all levels understand not only their role in the process but the impact of their decision making on the bottom line.  Through education, application, and training we teach the successes of interdepartmental relationships to eliminate compartmental distractions.


Why Us?

As a customer, you have the right to choose any consultant large or small to address your concerns but while all may be similar, that doesn't make them equal.  LLRP has a combined 200 plus years of experience in consumer products and manufacturing processes.  What sets us apart is our passion and commitment to provide high quality service that increases long term bottom line results without elimination of needed production or process roles that only achieve short term gains.  Give us a call and experience the difference.

Contact Us

LLRP Consulting, LLC

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States

(704) 870-8048 Office / (704) 310-9307 Cell

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Industry / Program Experience


Detail your services


Kepnor-Tregoe Analytical Troubleshooting Zenger-Miller

HACCP (AIB) Practical HACCP (Silliker)

Food Processing Sanitation & Hygiene Process Management

Sanitation Through Design 

NC Registered Pest Control Tech

SQF Systems Implementation

IFS Food Store Certified

Preventive Controls Qualified Individual  PCQI Lead Instructor

American National Standards Institute – Product Certification Accreditation

BRC Consumer Goods Auditor 

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor (QMS)

BRC Gluten Free CertifiedBRC Brokers and Agents

IFS Brokers

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